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Builds a Stronger Bond

Spending time together and sharing stories helps to build a stronger emotional connection between parent/teacher and child. It provides a special time for both to connect and share something that is just between them.

Sparks Imagination

Custom stories can be filled with fantastical creatures, magical lands, and exciting adventures, which can spark a child's imagination and help them develop their own creativity.

Provides Comfort

Bedtime can be a stressful time for some children. Telling custom bedtime stories can help to ease their anxiety and provide them with a sense of comfort.

Enhances Language Skills

Listening to stories helps children develop their language skills. Custom bedtime stories can be tailored to a child's interests and language level, making it easier for them to understand and follow along.

Encourages Listening Skills

Listening to a story requires concentration and focus, which helps children develop their listening skills.



Create Your Story In A Snap

Running out of ideas on what to tell your kids? Come up with your own story in a snap. Rory Bed Time Stories provides users with a fun and interactive way to generate stories.


The app allows you to choose from different narratives, such as fairy tale, fable, hero's journey, and more. Once you select your preferred narrative, you can set genre specific parameters, such as adventure, sci-fi, suspense, funny.


Whether you are teaching a new language, or simply looking for a convenient way to listen to stories, this feature is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance your overall experience.

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